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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Miss Colombia Catalina Robayo Pantyless Upskirt Scandal

Miss Colombia Catalina Robayo Pantyless Upskirt Scandal

Miss Colombia goes commando at pageant! It seems Miss Colombia Catalina Robayo forgot to wear panties during a visit at the Jockey Club in Sao Paulo and at other Miss Universe events. Now everyone is asking if she really forgot to wear underwear or she did it for a purpose to gain attention. According to reports, the 22-year-old Catalina Robayo was wearing short skirts but no underpants at rehearsals and press conference events for the Miss Universe pageant in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
The scandal started at when the exotic brunette was at a rehearsal event for the Miss Universe pageant when she flashed her trimmed privates. Not surprisingly she sparked a veritable pubic firestorm with the pantyless upskirt flash at an official event for the Miss Universe pageant. The sultry Latina flashed a solid view of her Latin American soul patch as she took a seat between rehearsals on the big all-nation dance number. Pageant organizers were left “overwhelmed and surprised” by the media reports and images. Organizers had to tell the Colombian beauty to dress appropriately according to the Dailymail:

‘Our supervisors talked to all of the contestants about dressing appropriately, and one of our PR people spoke to her (Robayo) and apparently she said she was wearing underwear.
‘But regardless, it created quite a stir here for a few days.’
Not everyone was quick to condemn. A Facebook fanpage entitled ‘Catalina Robayo – Pantyless Miss Universe’ has been set up. It has more than 50 ‘likes’
Miss Colombia’s wardrobe malfunction is not the only bit of controversy to hit Miss Universe.
The pageant earlier returned bikini bottoms from sponsor Catalina Brasil Swimwear after they were ruled too skimpy for network television.
Damn I want to see those bikinis on Catalina Robayo and the other constants… I bet Catalina wouldn’t mind donning the skimpy bikinis for us. LOL… Sadly, she did not win the Miss Universe title but she won our hearts. She made the rounds at official appearances over the last week donning itty bitty skirts sans undies, how cute is that? Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Here is some video footage of the event:

Wiki bio
MarĂ­a Catalina Robayo Vargas (born May 12, 1989 in Palmira, Colombia) is a Colombian beauty queen who was crowned Miss Colombia 2010, the official representative to Miss Universe 2011. www.gutte
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